Shambles: Google Android G1 Phone Lacks Big Names on App Store

This is what we would call a shambles on the Google Android G1 Phone front, of course we would retract that name if something is done about what you are about to read.

The Google (GOOG) G1 (GPhone) which is the first ever Android-powered smartphone is pretty impressive to say the least and of course goes on sale tomorrow (October 22), the phone’s web-browser is much faster than that of the Apple iPhone 3G which means so far so good, but the Apple iPhone is best when it comes to apps whereas the G1 Phone lacks in this department.

AlleyInsider have published a list of the names they found, the kind of big-name software companies that you will find on the G1 Android Phone, we will give you the names for now and if you want to know more about each of these names then please visit the source link below.

These are the better named apps for the G1 phone:
– imeem’s mobile Internet radio service
– MySpace mobile
– Shazam
– Accuweather
– The Weather Channel

These are the ones that are missing still (see why we say shambles):

– Facebook
– Last.fm
– Pandora
– Radio, etc
– Games from major publishers like Electronic Arts, Sega etc

Only time will tell, but we can see more apps coming, it seems they want to get as many of these handset sold tomorrow smoothly, which tells us apps are the least of their problems.

Source- AlleyInsider


2 thoughts on “Shambles: Google Android G1 Phone Lacks Big Names on App Store”

  1. maxp says:

    Shambles? Stop being so sensationalist please. How long did it take before the apps you name in your ‘shambles’ list to come out on the iphone. Were they on release date? Um no.

  2. mr. shambles says:

    It’s launch day. Try giving it a chance before you plaster such a negative headline on a new contender.