Google Android open-source now live, but no G1 yet?

The Google Android open-source website is now open, less than a year after announcing the android operating system. If you go to the site you will see that it includes of course the Android source code, project list, how to contribute, feature descriptions and information guide as to who can have what role in a project.

So just as the T-Mobile G1 is about to launch into the market, (officially launching tomorrow in the UK) the outside developers will be busy developing on the open-source Android site and all contributing to the development of the T-Mobile G1 making it a strong competitor in the smartphone market.

Whereas most of Google competitors charge for the code, Google are offering the Code freely, for developers to modify and be distributed by anyone. Open-source is considered a powerful tool to help a broader agenda although it’s not thought of as a one stop shop for a thriving company.

Top technology companies such as Apple, Oracle and IBM have subsidised open source projects.

Source: cnet

Here is a link to the Android site