Is there a to-do-list on T-Mobile HTC G1 Android Phone?

Emails are coming in and seeing as we do not have the T-Mobile HTC G1 Android phone yet we cannot answer this question ourselves.

Basically a few customers are asking this question “Is there a to-do-list on T-Mobile HTC G1 Android Phone? We want you to let us know because some are saying they may be overlooking this and cannot find it.

Other emails are asking things like, can anyone work out how to import contacts from the address book in the SIM card. We will no doubt be asking a lot of questions over the next few weeks, as you all know when a new phones comes out many of you will have questions, when you do just ask us and we will ask other readers who will probably be very helpful indeed in finding your answer.

If any of you can answer these few questions that would be great. Please answer these questions in the comments area provided below. Much appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Is there a to-do-list on T-Mobile HTC G1 Android Phone?”

  1. Steven Stadnicki says:

    There’s no simple to-do list app available straight up, as far as I can tell, but if you get the devkit then a Notepad app is one of the first sample ones they use for demonstrating the development process; I imagine someone will have one deployed to the store within a few days.

  2. taylor says:

    yes you can import sim contacts by pressing menu when you are on your contacts list and then selecting “sim contacts importer”. hope this helps someone.

  3. Freedom says:

    There is an app that can be downloaded externally. (Not in the market) called too do and it is an excellent todo list program with great fetures and Remember the Milk sync etc. An excellent app.

  4. michael says:

    Super List is an android based mobile/web to do list application used to record your tasks anywhere and anytime.

    You can choose to sync your tasks to our server and then you can work with them on our website by your laptop. Which means you can also write the list at home on our site by your computer if you do not like to type too much on a mobile device. And then get the entire list from server to your phone after leaving home.