T-Mobile G1 Android Phone: PlayScreen launches 20 free games

PlayScreen the people behind launching the very first iPhone web-based games has a brand new announcement that all T-Mobile G1 Android Phone owners will just love.

PlayScreen has just announced the new release of 20 web-based game titles and the very first downloadable game for the new T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone. William Volk, president and CEO of PlayScreen said that these ad-supported titles will take full advantage of the advanced browser on the new G1 phone.

Some of the titles include action, puzzle, and casual and of course social games, you will get to see backgammon, darts, bowling, solitaire, golf, sudoku and many other popular games.

PlayScreen are doing its best to apply the best experience in advanced mobile technology to bring these titles to customers, PlayScreen President Sherri Cuono said “There are no installs required and these games are played instantly via the browser. We’re also going to make downloadable versions of these games available when Goggle’s App Market launches.”