Apple iPhone 3.0 release: Can AT&T improve network in time?

Can AT&T improve network in time before the Apple iPhone 3.0 Release? AT&T has announced that they will improve its network to support 7.2Mps HSDPA for the 3G HSPA network in the US.

We all know that the upcoming release of the all new Apple iphone is around the corner and everyone needs to be on their toes. According to Intomobile AT&T will have a big upgrade which will produce better 3G data speeds at a theoretical max of 7.2Mbps on the downlink (High Speed Downlink Packet Access – HSDPA),this means that it will be twice as fast than the current theoretical max of 3.6Mbps.

Seems that AT&T want to be on top of things for the all new Apple iPhone 3.0 release, they love the iPhone a lot and so much so our earlier article “iPhone Carrier AT&T Stockpiling Ammo” should excite you.

Apple iPhone 3.0 is only around the corner readers so keep coming back for updates.

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