Windows Mobile 6.5 Release Date: May 2009 maybe not

We mentioned that the Windows Mobile 6.5 release date would possibly be May 11th, ok so many of you thought it would launch on this given date but this maybe not the case now.

We found some good information via InformationWeek about this long-awaited mobile platform; apparently Microsoft has been edited to remove the word launch. So could this be that the new mobile OS will not launch on May 11th is something that we will all have to wait and see.

Could this mean that the Windows Mobile 6.5 release date will be much later in the year? Many things to take into consideration is the fact that Windows Mobile 6.1 is very much like 6.0 and even 5.0 from the user’s perspective, other things to look at is the Palm Pre release date is only around the corner as well is the new Apple iPhone, what we are trying to say is “Too many releases at the same time is just too much”.

The Tech Herald has a detailed look into why it will not launch on May, let us know what you know within the comments area below please.

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