Why will the Palm Pre be so popular?

That’s the big question for our readers today. We’ve see and read all the hype about the upcoming Palm Pre, watched most of the videos, even read why the Palm Pre may fail and what might be the outcome of such a failure of the Palm Pre.

But why will the Palm Pre be so popular? Is it because it is small and compact? Maybe because it also features a physical keyboard, or perhaps it’s because of its new webOS?

Or is it that some people just want to see some smartphone stick it to the Apple iPhone? Whatever the reason we’d like your views on why you think the Palm Pre will be so popular, so dorp us a line with your views in the comments box below.



4 thoughts on “Why will the Palm Pre be so popular?”

  1. Karpov says:

    Aside from features that the iPhone lacks – multitasking, removable battery, physical keyboard, its a fresh approach at application development and a new way of staying organized (Synergy) in a very disorganized world. And, its not on AT&T.

  2. Stephen says:

    I think the initial popularity will be a product of the hype and the need by some to have the latest “toy”. However, as is always the rule with new cars, you never want to buy the first model year. That being said I think the Palm Pre sales will not be as robust as Palm and the industry predicts. In this economy people are being more savvy with their funds and who will be willing to plunk down $200 or more for an untried and untested smartphone. Also, Sprint as the launch partner will have an adverse impact on sales of the Pre.

  3. Lisbeth says:

    The great thing about the Pre is that it forces the mobile world to wake up and remember that innovation is the key to success. To often companies *cough cough* American car manufactures rest on their laurels and forget that the consumer gets tired of the same ol same crappy product. I hope the Palm is a success because it will help the other mobile manufactures kick up their A game!

  4. tomascco says:

    I don’t think it’s any secret that the biggest draw for the Iphone is its marketing. It’s not the greatest phone around, but from the hype the consumer feels as if it can do everything. Problem is it can’t.

    The Pre is not likely to do everything, but Treo users know that their phone can run circles around the Iphone in most business related services. The Iphone has it all over the Treo in web access, but here’s where the Pre will likely even the score.

    Even though a loyal Palm user for over a decade, I would readily jump ship for an Iphone save for one large detail: AT&T. I simply cannot justify paying a premium, compared to my Sprint plan, just to have iBoobie on my phone.

    The Pre will not be an Iphone killer because Apple will never admit defeat (taking a cue from Ballmer there), but for the real business work it will be the go-to phone.

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