Recession Beater: MyVu MA-0483 Solo Plus Personal Media Viewer

The MyVu MA-0483 Solo Plus Personal Media Viewer is a visual headset that connects to the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch and incorporates patented SolidOptex technology for high quality optics in a durable, lightweight design.

Feature wise the MyVu MA-0483 offers QVGA quality that allows viewing video and keeps out peripheral vision, noise reduction for superb sound, USB re-chargeable batteries, up to 4 hours viewing time, pendant type controls for volume, contrast and brightness.

Initially, the LG KC910i Renoir was announced in black color only. The major design change is the redesigned lens cover, which is now automatic instead of manual.  For the time being, the LG KC910i Renoir in pink appears to be only available in the UK, but a safe bet is it will hit the rest of the European markets too.

The MyVu MA-0483 is a binocular style head mounted video display unit that weighs in at 70 grams with AV Cable, Zune Cable, and Nokia N95 Cable and is available via Woot carrying a price tag of $59.99.

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