Is Palm Pre Release Date of June 5 rumour or fact?

Now we reported earlier that confirmation of the Palm Pre release date will be June 5 2009, the question we want answered is this rumour or fact?

We reported via BGR that the Palm Pre will release 5th of June, all we know is that there are many speculations about what date it will really be released. Considering on the article we did earlier states that it could be June 5, 6 or 8th of June we are all still sitting in anticipation of what is true or false.

This is why we have started this Palm Pre Poll; it is for all of our readers to vote what you think it will be. Please vote below.

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6 thoughts on “Is Palm Pre Release Date of June 5 rumour or fact?”

  1. Darren says:

    Was waiting for this but went to Craigslist and got another phone instead so that I am not under contract. No wonder Sprint is loosing customers, crappy phones (after 5 months the Pre is looking more like a myth) and poor service.

    Ever had a phone break while under warranty? If you are with sprint you will have to send your phone to the manufacture. Every other cell phone provider will send you a new one, you pop your broken one in the box and send it back.

  2. chris says:

    Honestly I think the pre is as real as those transformers we see on tv. It will never come out as anything more than a cool video on youtube.

  3. I’m so tired of waiting and only hearing about the Palm Pre, it’s like yesterday’s news to me now. For me, I’m tired of hearing about the hype but no release. If Palm/Sprint holds off another 3 or more months, I think their potential sales will greatly be less at the start than what it could have been if they released before now. Something else greater could be coming out soon that we don’t know about yet which will hurt Palm Pre sales. I’m sure other manufactures has got ideas thanks to Palm sharing back in January.

  4. Darren says:

    Completely right Steve, the Pre is old and it hasn’t even come out yet. Way to screw up a launch Palm and Sprint. You want to compete against Apple?

    They have the best releases ever, computers, iPods, or iPhones. They are known for it.

    Maybe Palm and Sprint should be a little worried after this long of a wait time. Remember what happened with Vista? They waited so long, and so many features were leaked that by the time it released Apple had implemented almost all of the ideas.

    Sure would be funny if the next Apple release included things like iSynergy, and a slide out keyboard.

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