Palm Pre News: Is 375000 units enough?

According to an article over on palluxo, Palm intends to limit production volume of the Palm Pre smartphone to just 375,000 mobile handsets.

The reason behind said limitations is that apparently it is Palm’s goal to keep supply down and thus demand high. Well that’s one way of looking at it I suppose, of course there is always the possibility that if a customer can’t get hold of a Palm Pre they’ll simply opt for something else.

With the new iPhone 2009 expecting to launch round about the same time as the Palm Pre one would think Palm would want to grab as many sales as possible rather than restricting availability.
Strategic manoeuvre or blunder, and is 375000 units enough?


One thought on “Palm Pre News: Is 375000 units enough?”

  1. THE DARK LORD says:

    They are trying to do what Nintendo did with the Wii. Just they were in a financial good position and are not looking down the toilet already.

    Well, for me the choice is either an iPhone or Plam Pre, if there is no Plams available (idiots!!!) you made the choice for me and maybe for yourself. If you want to go out of business that is your choice.

    Stupidity should never be rewarded.

    The Dark Lord

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