Palm Pre release date to be announced on May 19th?

Ah the elusive Palm Pre release date, there have been so many speculated release dates for the much awaited Palm Pre that one wonders if it is ever going to end up in the public’s hands.

There was a release date rumoured a while ago of June the 5th, and only today we have another presumed document predicting the Palm Pre release date as the 7th of June.

Well now the BGR has said they have received a tip off from a trusted source that Palm and Sprint were set to make a big announcement in the Wall Street Journal on May 19th, and there’s a good chance they will announce the release date for the Palm Pre then.


3 thoughts on “Palm Pre release date to be announced on May 19th?”

  1. palm1 says:

    worse than waiting to know something is knowing it and being unable to talk. After extensive training and going over this device. It seems well made and looks like they are making sure nothing goes to chance. But we will see how it performs when among the masses. All i can say is webos is good. Touch screen good. Software shoices good. Still dont know how it will perform once some apps get planted on there and the memory starts getting full. Battery life still a mystery. To me the keypad is fine. There are some that will say small but it has more space than the centro. I think i have said enough and i know its not much more than whats already been said. I would say it will give the iphone a good run. The Multitasking is nice. Lets see if it gets the same level of app support.

  2. Soloband says:

    This is crap!!!!!! Announce a date to maybe-perhaps- announce a release date.

    Sprint should sack Dan, Gary and all the rest of the executive suite. I have been a loyal sprint user for over 10 years, but these people are horrible. Palm Pre is not going to save sprint. There only chance is to get some executives with vision who carry phones people want to buy and use. The Palm Pre is not an attractive phone compared to HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro, which are ready now and would sell like hot cakes.

    I would assume that there are many sprint users that feel this way.

  3. Blade says:

    Now that I can take pics with my BB 8330, screw the Pre. They have ticked me off with this “dangling the carrot” routine. If you want to make sure nothing is wrong with it, STFU about it until it’s ready.

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