UK is loving the Palm, Brits choose pre over new iPhone

Yep, apparently we Brits prefer the Palm Pre to as new Apple iPhone, well according to a poll run by the Mirror.co.uk.

Apparently the top reasons for owning a Palm pre are it has a wireless charger, the Touchstone, feels like a glove in the palm (no pun intended), has multitasking abilities, has a camera that doesn’t blur images, and will gain Adobe Flash 9 later on.

The Mirror ran a poll on which Brits would rather own this summer and apparently the Palm Pre came in tops thrashing the new Apple iPhone. Not too sure of what the percentages where or even how many were polled by judging by the tiny image the Palm Pre seems to have had a wide majority.

So let’s find out for ourselves, which would you prefer this summer, the new iPhone or Palm Pre?


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