What should the Palm Pre price be?

We have reported and talked and then talked some more about the upcoming Sprint Palm Pre, we have mentioned that the release date is speculated to be around May 19th which is tomorrow.

We have asked you if you think the new Palm Pre features will frighten rivals, or what about the bit where you get to see this handset being unboxed; the list goes on and on, more details about the Palm Pre here.

Anyway we have talked and talked but never did mention the price, will it be high or will it be low, will there be special deals, please answer the question below using our new poll voting area.

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One thought on “What should the Palm Pre price be?”

  1. bryan says:

    wow…i will have apre or i will go on a killing spree…i google pre like too much…i can’t wait and it better be worth the wiat

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