Sprint Palm Pre Release Launch now possibly May 19th

Does anyone actually have any idea when the Palm Pre will be definitely released for public consumption? With all the previous “Palm Pre Release Dates” been bandied about one could be forgive for losing track.

5th of June? 6th of June? 7th of June? Oh how about the rumour of a March release? NO, well how about this latest one where apparently the BGR has posed we may see the Palm Pre release possibly on the 19th of May?

Hmm, very confusing isn’t it? Maybe Palm and Sprint aren’t going to release the Pre at all and it’s all just hype, now wouldn’t that be something? Anyway, which of all the possible Palm Pre release dates do our readers think is going to turn out true?


3 thoughts on “Sprint Palm Pre Release Launch now possibly May 19th”

  1. dashford says:

    BGR is NOT saying the Pre might be released on May 19 — they’re saying the release date might be *announced* on May 19. Brush up on the reading comprehension.

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