Warning: Palm Pre Launch Shortage according to Sprint CEO

According to Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse at an investor’s conference Hesse explains about the shortage, he warns or should we say “Predicts” that there will be a shortage of Palm Pre handsets when it launches on June 6th.

The earlier you get in the queue the better is the key here, there will not be sufficient handsets to meet initial demand apparently. We heard of this information via Slash Gear and must say we agree with Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. Another unnamed source at a Sprint retail partner reveals that there will be less than 30,000 Pre units available at launch.

We here at Phones Review only report the news as we get it, so please do not shoot the messenger, all we can say is start voting on our poll (treat it like a petition) if you think they should make more Palm Pre’s for launch. The downside is Apple are the big boys here and if it is all true that they are going to launch an all new iPhone on July 17th they will meet targets, Palm need to push out more than 30,000 on launch day.

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