New iPhone 2009, Palm Pre or Touchscreen BlackBerry Bold

With the Palm Pre finally getting that much awaited release date of June the 6th, and the new iPhone 2009 soon to be out for the publics approval, and the word that there may well be a touch screen BlackBerry Bold on its way, and the new Storm 2 coming, choosing just what smartphone to buy is a difficult choice according to geeksugar.

Over the next couple of months the smartphone arena will be hotting up with the arrival of so many new handsets, and reading all the reviews and rumours just adds to the hardness of choosing.

So the thing is which smartphone would you prefer to own? The new iPhone 2009, the Palm Pre or maybe that new touch screen BlackBerry Bold?


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  1. Rex Overey says:

    Iphone 2009 if it lives up to it specs. 3.5″ High Res OLED screen, 600mhz ARM11 v7 Cortex Processor( accelerate 3D gaming, speech processing, audio decoding, image processing, telephony and sound synthesis over ARM11 v6), 256MB Ram, 32GB storage, 3.2MP w/ Autofocus, PowerVR GPU and dedicated VPU, FM Transmitter, WIFI with Adhoc, Bluetooth 2.1, MMS with Video support, Video Editing, GPS /Compass w/ Turn by turn, Longer Battery life (OLED main culprut), 30,000+ Apps, Push Notifications, etc.

  2. E.N. says:

    iphone 2009 for sure. The other phones are pretty nice too, but I’d still choose my current iphone over any of those. And the specifics posted by Rex Overey about the new iphone are pretty exciting. Plus we can’t forget about iphone 3.0 updates which will include some of the basic features us iphone owners and iphone “would-have-been iphone owners” have been complaining about, and other cool features like push notifications, better maps with directions, more youtube functions, and also peer to peer connectivity where you can connect your iphone/ipod/notes/(maybe even voicememos) with another iphone/ipod to do stuff like trade contact/business information or even play games like cards or air hockey against each other through bluetooth, wifi, and/or even cellular network if you’re using an iphone. The cool thing is that if you are using wifi or the cellular network, you don’t even have to be at the same area as the other person/device. Push notifications will take care of that for you.

    The palm pre is really good too but the only good things about are multitasking and web-integration. They are both cool features too but I’m not into all those social services like facebook (I have one but log on like once every 1.5 months), twitter, and I also don’t use the calendar offered by those social services. And multitasking is really a great feature that I would love to have on the iphone. But at the same time its only good until you find out that the applications you have running (depending on what applicaitons) are sucking the energy out of your battery. But at the same time playing a game with someone in a different state might cut down your battery life too, so who knows.

    1. iphone 2009
    2. iphone 3G
    3. palm pre
    4. blackberry storm or bold

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