Will you buy new iPhone or Palm Pre? Vote Now

So here we go again, we have talked, talked and talked some more about the new iPhone and Palm Pre and so much so we started a little mini forum (Well sort of) where you can have your say.

Well as you know the Palm Pre will be releasing June 6 and the new iPhone has been set for launch on July 17, the question is “Which one will you buy?” The funny thing is both of these smartphones will be sold in the UK exclusively with O2 which personally could be a stupid move but then again could be a fantastic move, this is the part where you will have to wait and see.

There is no need for us to bang on about these phones because you have heard it all in our previous articles, all we want you to do is vote on our poll below as this will give us and other readers an idea of what phone stands out the most.

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One thought on “Will you buy new iPhone or Palm Pre? Vote Now”

  1. snices i got my palm pre it has been grate evin on the Mida player music been asmone very best i think evin down to on the touch on board screen cards as well it will rock to your likeing on the palm virs the apple iphone midda palm is very fast on multy aps evin on call as well i wish it was a up date for the instink phone how ever palm is 10 stars up for me i love it fast to down load off your pc if wifi is off and blue tooth as well there is some glich with it but palm kick AZZ orver other iphnoe ROCK ON SPINT GOOD GOOB ON THE PALM u will see usres u got one of the best i think HOAH

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