New Apple iPhone and Palm Pre 2009 Mini Forum

We have heard over and over again about the all new Apple iPhone and Palm Pre for 2009 and got to admit we have covered them quite a lot of late, but that is because we have to bring you the latest news of what is hot.

The new iPhone is apparently being launched on July 17 and the Palm Pre is being released June 6, the new iPhone will most certainly have an appearance at WWDC 2009 and the latest news has it that the Palm Pre in the UK will be sold exclusively with O2. Ok so far so good as they say, but this is the place where you can have your say.

Treat this like a mini forum where you can vent your love for the iPhone or the Palm Pre and indeed vent your hate if you please, below in the comment area you can have your say and we mean say whatever you like about these two much talked about smartphones.

Now crack on and have your say about the Palm Pre and new iPhone below, go on then say it.


4 thoughts on “New Apple iPhone and Palm Pre 2009 Mini Forum”

  1. Nick says:

    I have never had a smart phone but am totally phyced about the new iphone, I will definately be treating myself. As an added bonus my boss is replacing my old Nokia with a Blackberry at work so I get the best of both worlds 🙂 (I hope the new processing power and ram is going to make the iphone better for games, I haven’t heard anything new about the gpu though. Any thoughts welcome).

  2. Jackie Clark says:

    Ok I have a Big Question, maybe im just being slow but I want to ask before i buy….

    I have an employee plan with sprint from working at best buy in the past….it covers unlimited web and data access…I DO NOT want to switch plans to the Everything Data plan.

    Can I still order the phone when its available…activate it myself and have it work?

    I’m ok with one or two features i know i will never use not working because maybe, just maybe my plan wont cover them…I just dont wanna spend all that money for nothing and have to find a way to get rid of the phone later? Can someone please help me?

  3. DaVo says:

    From what Sprint has told me(I take it with a grain of salt) that I will not need to change my current plan which is Business essentials. It will depend mainly on what kind of data plan you have. In the past, I’ve found that they have a bunch of different ones as add ons that arean’t listed on the site. Usually data plans add ons are $15 and unlimited texting is $8. Then there is additional costs for other services like the unless sprint tv – $12 and phone as modem is $15.00. I still haven’t gotten a clear answer about why their Mobile Broad band is $69.99 a month even if you have a free add-on line but phone as modem is only $15. Someone at sprint as missed the boat on that one.

    I’ve had a HTC Touch which has most of the features of the Pre. I’m paying aobut $105 for 1000 minutes, unlimited internet and texting, Photos messaging and equipment replacement insurance on one line and unlimited texting on the first line. The second I don’t have data but unlimited texting. If anything instead of going for the everything plan, go for the everything data.

  4. SubDude says:

    Does anyone know if there has been any mention of adding a “text to speech” capability to the new iphone? Apple prides themselves on their accessibility for people with disabilities, and have the capability on the Mac (and even the ipod, I am told) but not on the current iphone. A very important feature for those who have had their abililty to read the written word compromised.

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