LG ENV Touch: Verizon env3 3-inch Folding Touchscreen Phone

LG and Verizon have now announced the enV3 TOUCH reports mobileburn, the enV TOUCH is a new floding mobile handset with a 3 inch external touch screen that when opened reveals another 3 inch display along with a full QWERTY keyboard.

The LG enV Touch incorporates tactile feedback on its outer touch screen and features a 3.2 megapixel camera and camcorder, a music player that plays a variety of formats, microSDHC card slot for up to 16GB cards, Bluetooth, Verizon VCAST Music with Rhapsody, V CAST video, visual voice mail and VZ Navigator.

The Verizon LG enV TOUCH will be available as of the 5th of June and will command a price of $149.99 on a 2 year agreement and after a $50 mail in rebate.


6 thoughts on “LG ENV Touch: Verizon env3 3-inch Folding Touchscreen Phone”

  1. Leian says:

    this phone is a crap ive had 4 in less than a year the phone acts up 27/7. it will shut off while chaging, the screen will go black both, freeze up all the time. the battery last up to 10 min., you setting will change, pictures on screens will change on there own. it is avery bad phone and i would not want anyone to get it becouse the phone just doesnt work. i woudnt even rate this phone a 1 star i wold rate it a -100 star. SO NEVER GET THIS PHONE!

    1. Ams22wild says:

      i have the phone for 1 1/2 years and it never does that but the screen will sometimes go plad but its solved by opening and closing the phone. You just take horrible care of your phone. This is coming from the guy wh drops this thing 3 times a week so that says syuff about you

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