Observers say: Do not expect new iPhone 2009 at WWDC

When WDDC 2009 starts in Sans Francisco today, techies may well be disappointed as observers apparently do not expect that a new iPhone 2009 will be unveiled, states an article on mercurynews.

The reason observers don’t reckon on a new iPhone 2009 being unveiled is due to the Worldwide Developers Conference is all about software and not mobile gadgets, however some say a new iPhone hardware is likely to be launched later this month or in July.

The main point of WWDC 2009 is too built of Apple’s relationships with developers who create programs for the Macintosh platform. However, analysts and observers can of course get it wrong can’t they?


3 thoughts on “Observers say: Do not expect new iPhone 2009 at WWDC”

  1. Remo says:

    Isn’t this the same WWDC that was used to announce the new iPhone 3G hardware in 2008? So there goes the idiot “observers” theory…

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