Will new 2009 iPhone 3GS have Video Chat? New Images Revealed

The biggest question we have to ask is “Will the new 2009 iPhone 3GS have Video Chat”? We have talked about what the new iPhone could possibly have in the way of specs and features and the one that sticks out the most is the video chatting capabilities.

There are a few images flying around the Web at the moment including those from spaziocellulare.com, we found this information via i4u and must say quite intriguing. The alleged iPhone 3GS photos show that the camera is being used to take a self-portrait; it also shows video chatting with another person.

Are these images real or fake is another question, we would love to see on the new iPhone a forward-facing camera for video chatting, we will have to sit back and wait a little longer today to find out the real news as it comes in later tonight at 6PM UK time. Answer our poll below:

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