O2 Update: Picture Messaging MMS with iPhone OS 3.0 Software

As you all know you cannot send picture messages with the 2G, well now thanks to the all new OS 3.0 Software you will be able to send Picture Messaging (MMS).

The all new iPhone OS 3.0 software which will be available from June 19 will allow you to send contacts, photos, location info and sound files with MMS messages. The 2G cannot send these messages as said but you can text ‘MMS’ free to 1010 after you’ve installed it, and when someone sends you a picture message, we’ll send you a link so you can see it.

If you are a customer on the Pay Monthly or a Business tariff once you have downloaded the iPhone OS 3.0 software the picture messaging will automatically be set up for you, you will receive it all by MMS when it is ready. If you do not receive the picture message after 10-minutes just text ‘MMS’ free to 1010 and O2 will try again.

What O2 say:

You can use your text bundle to send picture messages in the UK and abroad. One picture message equals four normal texts, or if you’ve got no bundle texts left, they cost 24.47p a message (21.28p excluding VAT).

If your picture message from us hasn’t arrived after 10 minutes, text ‘MMS’ free to 1010 and we’ll try again.
If you’re on Pay & Go

When you’ve got the iPhone OS 3.0 software, from 19 June text ‘MMS’ free to 1010 and we’ll set up picture messaging for you. When it’s ready, we’ll send you an MMS.

Picture messages cost 25p each, or you can buy a bundle with our Messaging Bolt Ons. For example, Messaging 50 gives you 50 texts for £3.99 a month, and a picture message uses three of those texts. Find out more.

Source – O2

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