Poll: Is the new Apple iPhone 3GS a rip-off?

Many are calling the new Apple iPhone 3GS a rip-off and in that we mean the new price-plans, let us start off with the choice of early upgrade; if you are already an O2 customer and wish to opt for an early upgrade it has been said that you will have to pay in full the rest of your remaining contract, that means if you have 6-months left you will have to pay the full 6-months up.

Then we have shared with you the Corporate, contract, Pay & Go and Business prices and tariffs, many of you may not like this at all, we would love to know what you feel about the above.

Do not get us wrong the all new Apple iPhone 3GS and the new OS 3.0 software is hot and we are loving it to the max, it is just the “I want one but it’s going to cost a lot” scenario that is pretty annoying. O2 come on we are loyal customers show us some respect. Please answer the poll below

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5 thoughts on “Poll: Is the new Apple iPhone 3GS a rip-off?”

  1. colin says:

    In the US 8 gig reduced, 16, and 32 gig no more expensive than the old 3G. In the UK 8 gig same price, the 16 and 32 gig 3GS are 50 and 100 more expensive. This doesn’t seem at all fair. Also O2 price plans are more expensive than comparable plans on other networks.

  2. Hype says:

    This is a rip off because the iphone 3g wich i bought in jan 09 and wished it could record video, i jail broke the phone and had that capability now i that i upgraded the 3.0 firmware it makes me feel like i should’ve kept it jail broken.

  3. Jayce says:

    comon be real of course it is bs. I feel we should bring a class action suit against at&t. this is nickle and dime stuff. I have had the iphone since introduction. I upgraded to the new 3g the day it came out at the discount price. Upgrades.. really not many at all. only a upgrade really to a 3g network which may be a bit quicker but nothing to write home about in my opinion. All the things that people have been asking for since the beginning. even MMS something u get in free at&t phones for christ sake. video on a phone for all who have hacked it know it has always been possible since the introduction. Now here we are only months since the 3g and we got 3gs. i mean really? comon!! i knew they were going to update the hardware and come out with new one but not soo soon. i wish i never bought the 3g now.. well maybe not lol but here i wanna upgrade.. all the features that we have been looking fwd to.. and you want full price. and offer a discount for the new people just getting involved. scew the ones that dished out tons of money in the beginning to have it sold for a fraction of the price when 3g was introduced. screw the people that have been loyal customers to this phone upgrading each time a new one arrives and lets look out for the ones that just wanna get involved with the new technology .. now that its cheap. also the 3gs out the box.. MMS enabled .. the 3g we bought months ago.. and even with the 3.0 update.. still has no MMS. and word is not until prob late summer. and plans for each .. still the same except the guy next to me who never owned an iphone just got the 3gs with all the bells and whistles for more than half at&t wants to rape me for if I wanna simply upgrade the phone i have been faithfully buying since it came out.. Or maybe its apple to blame.. either way we are geting the shaft.. and its totally unfair.

  4. Bacon Cheeseburger says:

    I find it unacceptable, that for $499 (base 3gs) I would (notice “would”….NOT, nor will EVER be an AT&T customer, srry to those who are…) just now get video capabilities…when my 3-4 year old Verizon phone had it all along… :(. LOL @ Apple for failing miserably….

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