AT&T Offerings: Apple iPhone MMS Support And Tethering

According to an article on informationweek, an AT&T spokesperson has said that support for MMS and a tethering plan will be coming soon and these features will not be available on launch of the iPhone 3G S due to AT&T being in the middle of conducting “system upgrades.”

Although there is word on iPhone 3G S pricing which goes like this…new and qualifying customers the price is 16GB $199 and 32GB $299 however if you are not eligible for an upgrade, early upgrade prices are 16GB $399 and 32GB $499 while no commitment prices are 16GB $599 and 32GB $699.

And at those prices there maybe some annoyance as I have been hearing from a few friends in the states that these prices are too high just to upgrade, so we’ll be keeping an eye out on that one.


4 thoughts on “AT&T Offerings: Apple iPhone MMS Support And Tethering”

  1. One would think that AT$T would bust ass to server their iPhone customers since they have saved them from near going broke. They will be sorry for their crap once another carrier gets in that same game. I would not go to AT$T if they gave me a FREE iPhone…..

  2. buckdutter says:

    saved them from going broke? att is still losing money on iphone customers because it is such a high subsidy. their stock went down when the iphone pricing was announced…and still has not recovered…they have said publicly before the iphone 3g even launched they did not count on seeing a profit from users until past the first 18 months…

  3. RL says:

    I was told today that because the original iPhone was unable to do MMS that AT&T had to disable it for all iPhones originaly. But now with 3.0 sw they have to go and “turn on” mms for all the 3G and 3GS users and still leave the ability for mms “off” for the original iPhone users and that’s why it’s taking so long for MMS (and tethering). The only reason I call BS on that is why then are other countries able to allow MMS. Didn’t they also have to turn off MMS for original iPhone?

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