Reason Why iPhone Owners Hate AT&T

There has been many views on AT&T and the iPhone but it does appear that most hate AT&T and to this end pcworld has come up with 4 reasons why iPhone owners hate the exclusive carrier.

The iPhone 3G S can work on the much faster HSDPA network delivering speeds up to 7.2 Mbps but AT&T will not complete the transition until 2011 which means there are 2 more iPhone generations which will have to cope with the lower speed.

Then there is iPhone MMS and tethering, which have been at the top of the iPhoners want list. US iPhoner’s won’t get MSS until late in the summer as AT&T is conducting “system upgrades” and tethering won’t arrive until about the same time.

But probably the biggest hate is the upgrade pricing for the iPhone 3G S which will cost upgraders $599 for the 16GB and $699 for the 32GB version. Having said all this, I have known iPhoners to hate AT&T for a whole lot longer than for just these reasons.

So do you hate AT&T, if so let us know why.


4 thoughts on “Reason Why iPhone Owners Hate AT&T”

  1. wayne says:

    I had a 8310 curve and their support was the worse that any one can imagine and that is why I now have a Iphone because the tech support comes from apple.

  2. TomT says:

    Why I hate AT&T and Apple as well: Apple knew when they signed the exclusive rights to carry the iPhone in the US that AT&T had a weak network. Now everyone that purchased the 3G is holding the Bag – We want to upgrade to the 3GS but AT&T’s network won’t be ready for who knows how long to support MMS – a fundamental feature in MOST Cell Phones – Apple is just as much to blame for this as AT&T – they would have probably done better if they let the major US Carriers sell the iPhone – Verizon is quicker to upgrade their networks – I left Verizon just for the iPhone – now with all these up charges, lack of network capacity or functionality – I am ready to drop the iPhone 3G in favor of another Brand – the only thing that keeps me with the iphone are the APPS Store – if it wasn’t for that – I doubt the iPhone would be selling in the high numbers that they are doing right now. $599 for a 32gig Upgrade 3GS is ridiculous – the new customers always get the discounts and the loyal existing customers usually get the raw end of the deal – What a Racket both Apple & AT&T have going for themselves… PO’d in NY

  3. Win1 says:

    One more reason to hate ATT:
    They have absolutely no respect for their customers.
    I went to a large ATT store in NYC this week to buy from one to three Iphones. There was a line that did not move for 30 minutes and I had to leave. Only 2 out of the 5 sales rep. stations had people working.
    I then went home to call ATT. They kept me waiting on line for half an hour while blasting the same ad over and over into the phone. I had to listen so that I could here when a rep answered. It was torture. Finally a rep. answered and told me I could not have a family plan if my relatives lived in different “modules” of the country. Only a business account could have special rates if it had phones in different “modules” of the country.

    I will not buy an Iphone as long as ATT is the only carrier in the USA. I will stick with an ITouch and use Skipe.

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