iPhone OS 3.0: Almost Here the clock is ticking

No doubt many iPhone toting iPhoner’s across the globe are patiently waiting for the new iPhone OS 3.0 update to arrive and bring with it its abundance of new features to the iPhone 3G.

There are of course millions of iPhones to be updated and then on Friday the iPhone 3G S will hit as well making it a very busy week for Apple.

Here in the United Kingdom iPhone OS 3.0 is due to drop between 4PM and 5PM, I wonder how many busy fingers will be clicking just before 4PM as the clock ticks in the countdown to iPhone OS 3.0 launch?



2 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.0: Almost Here the clock is ticking”

  1. I think this OS 3.0 update will be an anticlimax to be honest. The build up is typical of Apple! dangling the carrot. The features they have finally got around to do have been around for years it just proves we live in a superficial world where image not fuctionallity means everything… iPhone users are easily pleased!!. It like buying an expensive car with no lights.. sure it looks great and shiney but you can’t use it at night 🙂

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