iPhone 3GS sells Friday 7am, Bluetooth 2.0 and Safari 4.0.1

Apple has already promised to open their retail stores early on Friday and now appleinsider reports that Apple has stated all their available stores will sell the iPhone 3G S even earlier than is expected.

AT&T have a pre-order pick up time for the iPhone 3G S on launch day as 7AM, and so not to be outdone by AT&T, Apple has changed their scheduled opening time from 8AM to 7AM to match AT&T, however the difference with Apple is that they will sell the iPhone 3G S to on the spot buyers as well as those who have signed for service at home.

Other news from Apple is that only a week after launching Safari 4, Apple has issued a patch Safari 4.0.1 and this update fixes compatibility issues between Safari 4 and certain iPhoto 09 features such as publishing images direct to Facebook and integration with places and at present Safari 4.0.1 is only available via Software Update.

Another update is also available as Apple has posted Bluetooth Firmware update 2.0 which delivers several bug fixes and mainly targets compatibility with Wireless Mighty Mouse, Wireless Keyboard and certain Macs, although only Macs with a Broadcom Bluetooth chipset will gain 2.0 and installing Bluetooth Firmware update 2.0 needs Mac OS X 10.57 or higher.

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