iPhone OS 3.0 downloading issues reported and possible damage

iPhone OS 3.0 has now gone live and itproportal is reporting that the prelude to the big launch of the iPhone 3G S is experiencing some issues which have stopped iPhone and iPod Touch users from updating to iPhone OS 3.0.

Appler servers were swamped at the multitude of download requests, and it has been reported that the iPhone 3.0 activation server crashed and MobileME service was also somewhat sluggish and even inaccessible at times.

Also Apple Singapore’s server was reportedly acting kind of weird. One iPhoner, Michael Samstag informed Cnet that iPhone OS 3.0 may have slightly damaged his iPhone as it has the ‘connect to iTunes’ message but will only allow emergency calls.

So how was iPhone OS 3.0 download day for you, did you experience any problems?


10 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.0 downloading issues reported and possible damage”

  1. Jerel says:

    Lol my iPod is updated and itonly took 5 minutes. The app store and iTunes storeis not working. It’s not booting up. Sucks cause I wanna try out the video downloads

  2. Tobin says:

    since installing OS 3.0 none of my non-apple apps will work. also in there is no camera icon in the messaging area to snap a pic and send it with MMS.

  3. R Johnson says:

    I am also suffering from the ‘connect to iTunes’ message, only allowing emergency calls. It may be due to the PIN lock on my phone, but I can’t be sure. My phone is completely jammed. I can not find a way to reset the phone and I can not get to the PIN screen to unlock the phone. iTunes can’t ‘talk’ to the iPhone whilst it is locked. A very annoying oversight in the installation process?? My suggestion is deactivate the PIN lock before upgrading.

    I now have to find time to go in to Apple to get it fixed.

  4. I have been trying to download the iPhone 3.0 software via iTunes since last night, and not only is it extremely sluggish, whenever I get to the 38 minute mark or so, it interrupts the download and says that the server has timed out. I get an “Error = -3259” message. I also tried the “download” option instead of “download and install,” and it still timed out. Sooo frustrated!

  5. Shaun S. says:

    I downloaded the update @ Noon CST and it took longer than it usually would, but the update of the iPhone itself was about 15 mins. & I had no issues. Though the iPhone has its little quirks (as do ALL smartphones), it is by far, the best device I have ever purchased.

  6. Tormozmedved says:

    My iPhone 3G worked fine yesterday but when I woke up this morning it was off and when I tried to turn it on all I get is the silver apple and then it just shuts off!

  7. Taz says:

    downloaded the software last night and now can’t open any of my apps – had a complete crash earlier, also found the sound on the ipod app wouldn’t work altho that resolved after a restart.

  8. TIASA says:

    My connect to iTunes message has left me with an expensive paperweight. It says to, “visit the nearest Apple store”. Thanks a hell of a lot, lots of Apple stores here in China for me to just stop by.

    Product testing. Has Apple ever heard of it?

  9. Armand says:

    My phone also jammed and gave me a message with regards to the SIM card.
    In order to get into it you have to undo the lock!

    Take the sim card out and you will have your phone as normal. then undo the passlock and put the sime back in before connecting to iTunes.

    Though I still havent solved the loss of network issue and the “reconnect to itunes” appears every cpl of hours.

    Pretty annoid.

    O2 tried to sell me the new iphone 3GS so that lets me think that apple put a bug in there to have people so annoyed that they go and buy a new phone.

    Where was that Nokia shop again? ;o)

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