What do you think about the new iPhone 3.0 OS Update?

Well it’s available, iPhone OS 3.0 is finally here, and by now probably most have downloaded the update and have been playing around with it for at least a few hours.

So what we would like to know is your thoughts on iPhone OS 3.0 update. Do you like it, dislike it? Did you experience problems getting iPhone OS 3.0, or was the process a breeze?

Now that you’ve had chance to play with the new OS is there anything you feel is missing or maybe there is something you would have liked to see added to iPhone OS 3.0. or hope will be in iPhone 4.0.

Whatever you think on iPhone OS 3.0 we would like to know, so drop us a comment with your thoughts.



2 thoughts on “What do you think about the new iPhone 3.0 OS Update?”

  1. Lee says:

    In summary – a number of things have been included that should have been at the start (cut/paste, mms etc). However, still no support for flash so can’t view all of the video clips on the BBC website etc.

    Apple need to keep up as competition is fierce in this area.

  2. luckylue says:

    I think it sucks, personally. Apple’s website CLEARLY advertised what would be included and it is not included. Like video for example…it is not included. Oh, and being able to send pics in MMS…ALSO NOT INCLUDED. There are many things that aren’t included. I think it sucks ass and was not worth the time it took to download it.

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