New Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Wishlist: New features please

Yesterday the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade went live, and the guys over at pcworld spend some time playing with the new Apple OS, and have come up with a type of wish list for the next generation iPhone OS, iPhone OS 4.0.

Firstly there is photos and the ability to share via MobileMe and email, but what about other image sharing outlets such as Flickr. Then there is photo editing, in iPhone 4.0 there is a need for some basic photo editing tools with something like swipe to undo, hit a button to crop, and maybe pinch to select.

While iPhone OS 3.0 delivers notifications and is a step in the right direction how about true background notifications like the Palm Pre in iPhone 4.0?

Spotlight in iPhone OS 3.0 is great at locating contact and applications quickly, so how about iPhone 4.0 expanding that idea to the web. The Palm Pre already does this enabling a user to search via Twitter, Wikipedia, Google and Google Maps.

Next, iPhone OS 4.0 needs to deliver more Swipe gestures, gestures which could delete voice mails on the fly via the visual voicemail system or remove entries from the user’s recents list, a small thing but it would be an improvement.

And how about the addition of the Terrain View in Google Maps, there’s no support for this in iPhone OS 3.0 so how about placing it in iPhone 4.0.

Next, iPhone 4.0 needs to bring customised wallpaper to the iPhone home screen enabling that special image you’ve captured to stay on the home screen rather than having to constantly put up with black while your image is shown briefly on the slide to unlock screen.

iPhone OS 4.0 also needs to bring a unified file browser for browsing downloaded files and images and the like and then accessing those files on your iPhone. Then there is email, the ability to be able to check all your email in a unified inbox all at once would be an added bonus.

So there are just a few wishes for the next iPhone OS, what would you wish for?


One thought on “New Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Wishlist: New features please”

  1. hopefloat says:

    IPhone 4.0 coming soon….

    1)Flash player support
    2)Quick back option without going to home screen while switching between apps.
    3)File browsing and storing
    4)Option to attach images, file etc from email app itself.
    5)Multiple signature options
    6)Manual rotate gesture option
    7)Notes app should be more powerful word process (fonts, text size etc)
    8)All Grouping of contacts for test message e.g. friend and family groups.
    9)App for grouping key social networking sites(for posting universal photos, text to all social networking sites together.
    10) Auto spell check in safari browser (like mozilla) when adding text in twitter, facebook leaving comments at blog etc.
    11)Build in Flash in camera for night photo shot
    12) Front facing camera for video Chat
    13) Use cover flow for using multitasking third party apps (limit to 5 apps, not to drain the battery life)
    14)Thin quick time player app to run video downloaded from web.
    15)Group notification alert or not attended tasks(missed MMS, SMS, PHONE, Chat message, meeting, event etc)on single screen.

    Roger Kent

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