iPhone OS 3.0 Messages: MMS Walkthrough

The all new MMS messaging was released with iPhone OS 3.0 software update yesterday which has excited many of you, of course many of you had problems getting the download but we say be patient as many people were doing what you were doing and the system got really busy.

Anyway let’s explain a little about the all new MMS Messaging; Messages is the new SMS which has now been renamed to MMS (Multi-Media-Messaging), the new service allows you to receive and send audio, vCards (contacts), location, images etc. Video cannot be sent via MMS on the 2G and 3G version iPhone’s but you will be able to on the new iPhone 3G S.

The icon itself has changed and now says ‘Messages’ which looks pretty cool, you can only send pictures within this app itself, all others starts a “share” function from another app (i.e. Share Contact is in Contacts, Share Location is in Google Maps, Share Audio is in Voice Recorder, etc.) There are two ways you can insert images into MMS which is pretty simple really; Click messages icon then start a new message, add the contact you want to send to then type a little info in like you normally would, you will see a little picture of a camera “click it”, you will get two options when the camera is clicked which will say Take Photo or Choose Existing, if you choose Existing just choose one from your camera roll then click “Choose”, the image will be added to your MMS message. You can even preview and even hit retake if you want to take that picture yourself to try again.

You can erase individual messages within the MMS from one place which is a cool idea; it means you do NOT have to delete the whole message. If someone send you a message like a joke for example you can now forward it to another contact, all you need to do is press your finger on the message and it will highlight blue and then an icon will pop up saying ‘Copy’, just click this and you have copied it, now go to the contact message you want to sent and click in the white message box (keep you finger pressed) and an icon saying ‘Paste’ will appear so click it baby and there you have it, click send and that’s the message sent.

There is a second way of sending pictures and that is by using the paste function, the new system-wide Cut, Copy, and Paste service has also been introduced into Messages, you can even rotate your iPhone to read and write messages in landscape mode which is much better than the portrait mode.

Above we mentioned about deleting certain messages and sending this message to others within the same message this is called ‘line-item deletion forwarding’ all you need to do is tap the Edit button at the top right then select the message of your choice and then hit the delete button at the bottom, or you can press the blue Forward button beside it.


11 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.0 Messages: MMS Walkthrough”

  1. James says:

    Hey LJ. Had the same problem, you fix it by turning your iphone off, waiting 10 seconds, then turning it back on. Then the camera icon comes up etc. Cheers

  2. Byron says:

    I am having the same problem too. I tried restarting my phone just like James said worked for him, it didn’t work for me. Anymore ideas?

  3. Jerry says:

    I too have the above problem after upgrading to 3.0. Texting app is now “messages” but there are no settings related to the app in order to enable MMS that I can find. I shut down the phone and waited awhile but to no avail. Dan mentioned a “carrier file” ? Sounds like something ATT woud send to the phone but would it prevent the app from displaying the camera etc. Any ideas anyone?

  4. dfjasoidgfadsf says:

    right, so i just got my iphone and ran into the same problem as all of yous.
    Checking out the apple website it claims that mms support for AT&T will be coming later this summer.
    so bit of a wait for us

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