AT&T USA: Microsoft sponsoring iPhone 3GS with a 35% cashback

Apparently, according to an article on techcrunch, Microsoft is sponsoring purchases of the new iPhone 3G S if you live in the United States by offering a 35 percent cashback deal.

It looks like USA residents can use the Microsoft cashback program when they purchase the iPhone 3G S via AT&T to gain a 35 percent discount on the price and is done via Microsoft’s recently launched Bing search engine.

Basically what this does is, depending on your AT&T subsidy eligibility, you could get an iPhone 3G S 16GB for $125.35, 32GB for $194.35, but the biggie is you could possibly get the 8GB iPhone 3G S for only $64.90, an iPhone 3G S for under $65 can’t be bad.

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