Carphone Warehouse could not give me Upgrade to iPhone 3GS

On Friday June 19 I went to my nearest shopping centre so I could get my new Apple iPhone 3GS only to see a small queue outside O2, so I decided to go to Carphone Warehouse.

There was only one person in Carphone Warehouse in Westwood nr Broadstairs (Superb straight to the counter), I said to the lady behind the counter “I would like to have the new Apple iPhone 3G S please”, she said “Yes sir we have these in stock” (Superb again), I mentioned to options: Option one was I wanted to upgrade from my iPhone 3G on contract to the new iPhone 3G S and option two was the Pay & Go way.

The lady asked for my debit card and asked me a few questions like “What was my address” and “What was my phone number”, after about 8 minutes she said that she could not give me an upgrade and that they did not have the Pay & Go option either, oops to Carphone Warehouse one customer down.

Maybe Carphone Warehouse will read this and explain to me why O2 could give me these options but Carphone Warehouse could not, she typed away on the computer and it was a case of Little Britain ‘THE COMPUTER SAYS NO’. O2 once again comes up trumps and now I have the Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB White


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  1. AN Other says:

    Carphone Warehouse are not offering the iPhone on pay as you go at the moment due to stock issues, this will be why she said no. I’m sure she must have provided you with a more substantial information than no.

  2. Sminty says:

    Possibly because carphone warehouse staff are generally muppets? I’ve NEVER had a good experience of using them, and I’ve given them at least 3 attempts to “convert” me to a CW customer. I think the problem is that there are simply too many phones/networks/tariffs for the staff to grasp, or become familiar with? My experience of them is that I generally know more about the products than they do, which doesn’t inspire confidence.

  3. Pfff says:

    Sminty is a right muppet… Maybe it’s cause you are just an annoying customer to the poor sales rep by asking lots of useless question and wasting everybody’s time. I find that carphone warehouse staff are always more polite then any other company. As far as the iphone goes, if you have a business contract, or are a high spender, o2 sometimes block the contract so that only they can deal with it… Also, carphone warehouse make absolutely no money out of selling a iphone on pay as you go (so if you go with the attitude that you will only buy pay and go or they ‘lose’ a customer, they’d rather lose a customer, cause you aren’t actually bringing them any business (no matter how much money you spend, pay and go = nothing to them!).

    All jobs in retail require training and carphone warehouse employees reflect that training well in my opinion.

    Imagine yourself having to deal with prime idiots and time wasters all day, i’d imagine you would’nt want to be to helpful to the next fella giving you attitude…

  4. Yvette says:

    I just called carphone warehouse to see if they wanted to quote for a business contract; 10 handsets, 7000 minutes a month, after 12 minutes and expaining to four people I got through to Mike in business sale and asked him not to put me on hold again, somebody could call me back. He put the phone down; You wouldn't know there was a recession from the way that this compnay reats prospective customers, Rubbish!!

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