iPhone 3G Selling Price Covers Cost of iPhone 3GS

So if you have managed to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS you may be considering selling on your old iPhone 3G, and obviously you want a good price for it. Well Cnet has done some checking on what the iPhone 3G can go for.

For instance, a 16GB iPhone 3G on Craigslist and eBay shows that the going rate for an “mint condition” iPhone 3G is about $400, so it doesn’t take a genius to realise that if you pay the $200 for an iPhone 3GS and sell your iPhone 3G for $400 you end up $200 in profit.

There is also selling you iPhone 3G on to a service such as Rapid Repair who have a program running whereby they will buyback an 8GB iPhone 3G for $230, a 16GB for $270 and even pay shipping costs.

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