RIM’s BlackBerry Tour is a world phone for everyone

An article over on techcentral reports that RIM has now launched what it calls the “world traveller”, the BlackBerry Tour.

The BlackBerry Tour is CDMA, GSM, EDGE along with HSDPA connectivity and thus a “world phone” and features a QWERTY keyboard, integrated GPS, and a 480 x 360 resolution colour display screen.

Mike Lazardis, president of Research In Motion said…”BlackBerry continues to be the top selling smartphone brand in North America, and we are proud to add this powerful new 3G world phone to our successful product portfolio.”

The BlackBerry Tour will be available via Verizon Wireless and Sprint in Canada and the United States of America and will also be pushed our to Europe as soon as service providers can be set up.


One thought on “RIM’s BlackBerry Tour is a world phone for everyone”

  1. Ricky Davis says:

    GET ON WITH IT!!! Europe is waiting!!!

    How about simultaneous releases to save on expenses they do this with records. Why not BlackBerrys?

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