FLO TV cuts costs and delivers direct to mobile phone customers

FLO TV hasn’t seemed to take off, this is probable because it is priced at $15 per month and up and competes against free video on mobile phones, but according to an article on moconews, Qualcomm is hoping this will change when it delivers FLO TV direct to the customer next year.

Qualcomm also plans to reduce the costs of FLO TV as well; currently AT&T and Verizon offer FLO TV bundled with other video services which boosts the price to $25 per month.

The head of FLO TV, Bill Stone has acknowledged this pricing is too steep and thus aims to reduce prices down to less than $10 per month on a yearly plan. Thhey are also considering a one day pass system at $5 per month and month-to-month subscriptions could be around $10.

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