Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Problems: Have you found bugs?

We all know how popular the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 update was and many of you love it very much, but we all know that there are bugs within everything.

Have you ever had problems with incorrect icons, or icons that are missing, or have you had problems with MMS Messages, or Spotlight Search. There are many things that could go wrong and we would to hear about them.

Normally Apple see to it that such problems are resolved as quick as possibly, if you have had any troubles whatsoever with the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 please let us know about it and we or our readers will answer your questions. Thanks

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26 thoughts on “Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Problems: Have you found bugs?”

  1. Luke says:

    I found a problem with the sound from the speaker. It can be very quite when trying to hear music from the speaker untill i play another sound (i.e the touch tone sound when dialing) to hear my ipod music at proper volume again.

  2. Mark says:

    Wifi on my 3G (with 3.0) has really taken a hit. Connection distance has gone from a reliable 75ish feet to unreliable at 40ish (drops frequently). My wife’s Touch is even worse. It “finds” our home network every time it sleeps. Network reset (which people claims “fixes” this) does nothing.

    Also memory tends to deplete faster. I have the Free Memory app, and it frequently shows under 3 MB available. When in this state, even mail is not very responsive. My guess is that something has a memory leak, but I’m not savvy enough to figure out what.

  3. James says:

    yes i have had many problems or bugs with the new os. Mainly the one problem that keeps occurring most often is when typing on the virtual keyboard one of the letter bubbles that comes up to let u know what key you pressed sticks and just stays up blocking the other keys from view. I can still type but it’s rather annoying.

  4. Kevin says:

    I also had an interesting experience where I lost audio on my 3G iPhone. At first I thought I had turned down the sound but there was no audio control slider on screen. I checked several apps and none had the expected volume slider. I restarted and everything was normal.

  5. Patrick says:

    After synching via iTunes, I can only download one app. After that, it rejects my password. Once I resynch, the cycle starts again.

  6. Don Anthony says:

    Since downloading 3.0, I have no Email receiving or sending capabilities. The Email crashes everytime I try to open, delete, or compose. A trip to the “Apple Genius” at a factory store, resulted in no help and the conclusion I needed to buy a new 3GS and download my backup data???? Why should I have to buy a new phone due to Apple software glitch? I await some word from Apple?????????

  7. Ray says:

    I have a nice issue. Well a couple that are related. When I’m in my car and the phone rings the bluetooth on my Nav system pops up the answer button but when I hit it the phone continues to ring even though the nav bluetooth app shows it answered. Also my wife called my cell phone earlier from her cell phone…and realized I wasn’t go to answer so she hung up and called me at home. I answered the home phone and looked over at my iphone and it was still ringing from her call minutes earlier. So I’m talking on the landline with her and the iphone still thinks she’s calling me. Blackberry is looking pretty good right now… It wouldn’t be so bad if they’d at least let you downgrade back to 2.2.1, but now I’m stuck with this until they get around to fixing it. It’s a phone guys, the PHONE part should be flawless…..

  8. alain says:

    With new os 3.0 my iphone 2g heats up when i plug it in to charge it. My text messages have trouble sending and receiving and my phone in general just lags!!

  9. NigelC says:

    1. Carrier drops more frequently
    2. WiFi has less range and drops off
    3. Battery performance seems less
    4. Overall response seems slower

  10. Isnor (Singapore) says:

    1. Battery life decreases very very fast. I need to charge 2 times in 1 day.
    2. wifi range drops
    3. overall response slow and lagging
    4. heats up when charging
    5. incoming calls cant get thru sometimes
    6. when playing games or surfing it will suddenly quit and go back to the home.

    Can anyone help?? should i just restore back to the old version?

  11. james says:

    1, Really short Battery life
    2, can not connect to safari or anyother internet using app unless connected to a strong wifi connection
    3, can not send or recieve MMS

  12. Jink says:

    1. WiFi signal fluctuates constantly, sometimes drops off completely
    2. Very poor battery life
    3. Same boring alerts and backgrounds as the original iPhone
    4. Keyboard response seems slower
    5. Text doesn’t always wrap to the next line when typing in email… just keeps going off the screen

  13. johnboy says:

    • MMS doesnt work
    • Cellular Data doesn’t work on Pay as you go, only works when connected to Wi-fi network
    • No cellular data means no google maps :-/

  14. Stuart says:

    When I run the exact same application under OS 2.2.1 and 3.0, the former’s memory usage is stable and the latter’s climbs and climbs until, at some point, a reboot is required.

    I cannot wait for the next patch.

  15. stoydi166 says:

    1.too hot when charging.2.battery life very poor.3.noise when my iphone comes close to any speaker.and all these after two weeks with os3.0

  16. alternatengine says:

    Purchased the iphone 3G 8g.

    Using o2 payandgo. allowing for 12months free internet usage.

    Everything was fantastic until I updated to 3.0 Now it does not allow me to access any online info, youtube, safari, weather and stocks etc.

    I’ve looked online for fixes but can find absolutely nothing. SURELY apple or o2 have a fix?

  17. Todor says:

    I found problems with 3.0.
    Game animation is not smooth anymore (Blowfish game) and I think is somehow related to audio. It can not be in sync with the animation.

  18. eebee says:

    I have the same bug as James, a stuck letter bubble which follows me on many screens. For months it was U and now it is N, it’s difficult to type any words with the offending letter.

  19. Martin says:

    I have a new iPhone 3GS on O2 PayandGo.

    At least once every day my cellular data network stops working. When I check my Celluar Data Network I find my APN has changed from payandgo.o2.co.uk to idata.o2.co.uk. I then have to re-enter the correct APN and restart the iPhone.
    This then works for another day or so before again switching back to the pay monthly setting.

    Any ideas how to make it hold the APN setting permanently?

  20. 1. When creating SMS/MMS messages text wraps prematurely
    2. The phone gets VERY hot when charging and doesn’t actually make charging progress (this happens approx 1 in every 6 times of charging)

  21. Jason P. says:

    Ever since I installed OS 3.0… my iPhone went down the drain (I have the Original iPhone, by the way)

    1) Wi-Fi doesn’t work anymore
    2) Battery life stinks now (It drains like twice as fast now, no lie)
    3) I get Missed Calls like crazy (phone will not ring, I would just click on the home button, and BAM, I just have a missed call)
    4) 95% of Calls are now dropped after 5 minutes
    5) The time is messed up, sometimes it’s like 10 minutes earlier than the real time. It hops around a lot. For instance, I would set my alarm for 8am, and the alarm will NOT go off, because the time would jump over 8am… if that makes any sense)
    6) I would get text messages like 6hrs after they were sent

    … and what makes me really disappointed with Apple is that… you cannot e-mail them about this problem. If your phone is out of Warranty, they will not talk to you/HELP YOU without getting paid… but the thing is… IT’S A SOFTWARE PROBLEM!!!!!!!! My iPhone was working “PERFECTLY” before I installed OS 3.0!!!! Then I waited, patiently, for the 3.1 Update, because I’ve been reading how others had the same problems, and the ones who spoke to Apple, Apple claimed that “They were aware of the bugs, and were trying to fix them”… so I thought that OS 3.1 would be the fix… NOPE!!! Can this turn into a Lawsuit? Is it possible?

  22. Andy says:

    Well ever since i have downloaded 3.0 on my 3g my phone hasnt worked properly at all. Im on my 3rd hand set now and the same problem consists.

    -missing calls
    -the message sending bar goes up 9/10s of the way then stops and wont send
    – cant recieve texts
    – and other weird screen hoping and freezing

    i have paid £400 quid for a phone that doesnt even work, i have took my cellular data right off so i cant get emails or picture messages or go on the internet or apps when im out. This has helped but whats the point of having an iphone?


    email me if anyone has any tips on how to fix the problem or on how to deal with apple on getting a refund or better product

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