Vodafone UK Data Roaming Charges: Great value summer Internet offers

The latest news via Vodafone is all about UK Data Roaming Charges; yes this is where you want to be for great value summer calls. You can now get better value when using the internet overseas.

At the moment there are 2.5 million Vodafone UK customers benefiting from great value summer calls with picture and text messaging roaming with Vodafone Passport, as of today (July 1 2009) all customers will be able to browse the web and check their inbox and even send emails for less than £5 a day while overseas.

UK network per day data roaming charges vary from £4.99 per day on a mobile for up to 25MB across Europe — the equivalent of 20p per MB and £9.99 for 50MB on a laptop across Europe. If you use Facebook for example and keep the usage below 1MB you will only be charged on a per kb rate and when replying and receiving short emails it will use around 100KB which would cost only 50p.

If you reach the 1MB the cost will be £4.99, but the next 24MB are free. If you are a laptop user who uses the internet whilst abroad customers can use their laptops in Europe and will receive 50MB for £9.99.

Vodafone says

“For the purposes of roaming, a day is classified as midnight to midnight UK time so customers need to be aware of their time zone. Outside Europe, customers will be charged £14.99 for each 25MB when accessing the internet via their mobile and £29.99 for 50MB through a laptop. Vodafone is currently the only UK operator to offer per day data roaming charging which when broken down equates to just 20p per MB in Europe. Later in the summer, customers will receive real time alerts as they approach the end of their data allowance.”

June 1 was the day Vodafone abolished roaming charges for Vodafone Passport customers in 35 countries across Europe and up until August 31 Vodafone Passport customers can call, text and send picture messages from overseas for the same prices as they would at home. For more information please visit vodafone.co.uk/roaming and ukholsmap.com


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    Viviane Reding and the EU have made good strides into reducing mobile phone roaming charges, but the cost of using the mobile internet is still very confusing for most mobile phone users in the UK.

    Users don’t understand the charging structures and there is still a significant variance in the costs applicable on the different tariffs.

    For example, the cost for transferring 1MB of data per day for a month from a mobile phone ranges from £6/month to £210/month.

    MobileMeg (http://www.mobilemeg.com) has been created to help reduce this confusion and provide clarity on the cost of the mobile internet.

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