Palm Pre O2 and Carphone Warehouse UK Release Date is next week

O2 along with the Carphone Warehouse will gain the Palm Pre smartphone next week along with official tariffs and details also being released, according to an article on expert reviews.

It has been suggested that over in the United States Palm and Sprint sold a minimum of 300,000 Palm Pre handsets in its first week, can O2 and Carphone Warehouse do the same?

We know the Palm Pre will be exclusive to O2 and Carphone Warehouse and will be in direct competition with the iPhone 3GS, but either way it looks like O2 will be in a win-win situation carrying these two much sort after smartphones.


2 thoughts on “Palm Pre O2 and Carphone Warehouse UK Release Date is next week”

  1. Chris Neuman says:

    If O2 can carry both why can’t Rogers do the same in Canada? Where is the GSM version of the PRE.

    No matter, I got tired of waiting and ordered the new IPHONE.

    Maybe the TREO PRE in a GSM format will be out by the time I am ready to replacethe IPHONE.

    Pretty shabby marketing on the part of TREO IMO.


  2. pete iesan says:

    well im going to be in the cue if released. too bad that carephone warehouse is a always a bit expensive.
    For all those who thinking to buy this one or the iphone… buy this one and buy an ipod touch in september(2009 model) u get than from both worlds.
    For Chris the who posted before me… u clearly dont know what are you talking about. The company’s name is PALM- phone model PRE- or here re TREO- CENTRO- and other older models. The UK version of the Palm pre is going to be the GSM model. CDMA is not working here. U are reading something on a forum and coming here acting like a sheep… ooo palm pre is not available when i need it .. that company is rubbish. My friend, wake up to the real world u Twat

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