Rumour: Verizon to receive multitude of mobile phones by years end

It appears that US carrier Verizon Wireless is going to see numerous new mobile phones by the end of the year claims an article over on phonearena.

Now before you get all excited, you have to remember this is just a rumour at the moment, but word has it the list includes low end mobile phones, mid range handsets and the BlackBerry Storm2 9550.

The list goes like this…LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 with full touch screen…Nokia Shade 2750…Nokia Twist 7705…Palm Treo 800W…Motorola Entice or Harmony…Samsung Rogue U960…Samsung U450…Samsung Strut U440…Samsung Omnia II i920…Samsung Convoy U640…Casio Rock C731…Casio Brigade C741 and the Motorola V860…and of course that BlackBerry Storm 2.

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