Poll: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 or Apple iPhone OS

The question we are asking is “Do you prefer Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 aka ‘Windows Phone’ or Apple iPhone OS?” this is why we have set up a poll below where you can cast your very own vote.

The all new Windows Mobile 6.5 OS which is now known as Windows Phone has been said to provide you with a much better internet browsing experience which we cannot answer because we have not tested it, however we do know what the iPhone OS is all about and like everyone else we are pretty impressed with it, are you?

There are many questions that we would like answered about the two operating systems; can MS mobile 6.5 access more websites than the iPhone operating system? We know that on the iPhone Safari cannot support Flash whereas Windows Mobile 6.5 does, this is all early days to answer which one will be the best but we would like to know what you think so please vote below. If you feel like you want to chat about this more, then please do vote and also post your comments below as well.

[poll id=”42″]

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