Did you ever update your Nokia 5800 XM to F/w 21.0.025

Nokia has now released a firmware upgrade for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic , firmware v21.0.025 and includes such upgrades as support for searching Hungarian Double consonants from Phonebook and Easy Dial reports senseapplied.

Over features in the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic v21.0.025 firmware upgrade are, recerved homescreen plug-in UIDs can now be given to partners, functionality and stability improvements, minor stability improvement to the browser, stability improvements in MMS, and VoIP, Calendar, FS contacts and more.

Also the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic v21.0.025 upgrade offers quicker booting, menu button now “breaths” when in standby, applications now named “apps” and music player “music plvr, and halts turning off predictive text when using the full screen QWERTY and gone back to the regular keypad.


One thought on “Did you ever update your Nokia 5800 XM to F/w 21.0.025”

  1. primetard says:

    This is so old… Skip this one and go straight to firmware v30… It’s way faster and better. You might have to hack your phone to change your product code though to a region where v30 is available OTA… It’s worth it.

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