Consumers Poll: Is Vodafone’s Network good enough for iPhone?

We would like to hear from all current Vodafone customers and existing customers because we would love to know if the Vodafone network is good, bad or complete waste of time.

This is the bit where you have your say and hopefully Vodafone or other readers will try and help you understand why they are good at providing a network or indeed if they are not. We have learned that Orange, China Unicom are going to supply the Apple iPhone and O2 will continue to sell the iPhone but the latest news about the iPhone is the fact of Vodafone coming aboard.

Is Vodafone’s Network good enough for iPhone?, this is a simple question because the demand for the iPhone on other networks will no doubt be a complete success for customers which means more sales more network build up. Is it a matter of not a problem or oppssssssss. Please vote below and please do comment below as well if you feel you need to say more.

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