Verizon Android Handset will be the Motorola Droid without MOTOBLUR

Word has come in that the Motorola Tao or Motorola Sholes will be renamed the Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless, although at this time the information has not been confirmed reports the BGR.

However, apparently they have confirmed independently that whichever Motorola handset does go with Verizon Wireless it will lack MOTOBLUR and be a straight Google Android handset although the first Google Experience phone to deliver built in Adobe Flash support natively.

Quick spec reminder…3.7 inch display, 5 megapixel camera, face recognition, ARM Cortex 500MHz CPU, Custom Motorola UI and not Verizon UI or MOTOBLUR, black and titanium colours. Oh, and apparently an announcement will come in a fortnight’s time.

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