HTC Imagio gets reviewed and is adequate

The new HTC Imagio is apparently nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to modern smartphones with a large touch screen, good OS, good performance and a few special bonuses reports softsailor.

They have given the HTC Imagio a review and say the Imagio doesn’t stand out with nothing too remarkable or exciting from an external view as the design is pretty normal an d thin like the iPhone with a two-tone plate that has a kickstand.

The brains of the HTC Imagio, the 528MHz Qualcomm processor and 256 RAM is at best good or rather adequate while the TouchFLO UI has been tweaked but would have been more helpful if they had put in better hardware.

As for the Windows Mobile 6.5, they say it feels like they like to refurbish operating systems rather than follow the right path. Basically they found that the HTC Imagio is acceptable and quite useful if you know what to expect from it, but advise to wait to see what other Android handset come out of HTC.

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