iPhone routine update leads to $550 roaming charge

During a trip to Paris, Nathan Oventhal used his iPhone only to take photos, and not email, internet or voice calls, yet was still billed by AT&T some $550 for accessing 20MB of data, which apparently is the equivalent to 10 high-res pictures or 10,000 pages of text, reports the LA Times.

Oventhal of Santa Monica asks…”How on God’s green earth did I use 20 megabytes? All I did was use the camera.”

Apparently when Oventhal used his iPhone a second time while in France he was faced with a text message from AT&T which stated that his international data usage was “very high”, on his return home he contacted AT&T and a rep said he’d run up $550 in roaming charges while abroad.

Apparently according to the rep, as Apple sends software updates to iPhone users routinely, when Oventhal switched on his iPhone to use the camera the update happened and thus a fairly large charge for roaming.


3 thoughts on “iPhone routine update leads to $550 roaming charge”

  1. herb lipton says:

    Hello All
    Lesson learned for this iphone user to avoid having Mr Oventhal $550 roaming charge for, using his iphone in Europe for only taking pictures
    1– Do not take my iphone to Europe because of these outragious charges by AT&T
    2– Change to Verizon as soon as this carrier picks up the iphone account.

    Herb Lipton

  2. TomT says:

    Do you really believe that Verizon wouldn’t rip us off on Roaming Charges as well – I’ve been with Verizon for many years and if presented the opportunity, Verizon will squeeze every last dime out of you

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