New BlackBerry Music Store for cheaper downloads?

Apparently according to an article over on pcworld, BlackBerry users are getting a new digital music store which is often cheaper than Amazon and iTunes and just about every other competitor in the United States.

So just how do they do it you may well ask. Well, they use 7digital from the UK that’s how. 7digital was founded some 5 years ago and say that most of their tracks cost 77 cents while albums set you back $7.77. And eve if you don’t use a BlackBerry 7digital can be access via their web store.

7digital has 7 million DRM-free MP3 formats available and at 320 Kbps are of a higher quality than most other stores, and for BlackBerry users there is also a neat feature whereby downloading a song over a 3G or slower connection, the file quality is lowered but will auto-replace with 320 Kbps as soon as you reach a WiFi hotspot.

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