Verizon iPhone Poll: Wonder what it would be like!

Many of us have wondered, “What would a Verizon iPhone be like?” below you will get a few ideas and it is no dream it looks more like a nightmare.

Marco Arment who is a developer has said a few words giving us a little more knowledge, it goes something like this: If not a complete replacement of the App Store with Verizon’s own application market, Verizon to demand 30-50% commission on all on-device App Store sales, and all iTunes media sales, Removal of WiFi and lockdown of GPS (okay, we added that for old times’ sake – but it’s happened with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile), Removal of key applications to force users to pay for premium Verizon services (like V-Cast in lieu of Maps) and what about the ugly Verizon branding plastered all over the iPhone.

Everyone would love to see the Apple iPhone over on Verizon which would put more than enough smiles about and no doubt many sales to boot, is there any possibility that Apple did indeed approach Verizon and Verizon knocked Apple back; no one knows this one we are sure.

We believe let Verizon customers be the ones that decide if the iPhone comes or not, the customers are always right so let them decide. Please vote below on what you think about the iPhone on Verizon. Source – TiPB

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