Verizon TV Attack Ad directed at AT&T iPhone users

Verizon has a new TV Ad or should we say ‘Verizon TV Attack Ad’, because it seems to be mainly directed at disgruntled AT&T iPhone users.

Are there many of you that are pretty ticked off with AT&T’s network? Many customers have said that the network is poor and that the customer service is pretty arrogant. Is Verizon going to bring the iPhone to its customers by 2010? Probably not will possibly be the answer; well for at least a few years anyway, is this because Apple would have to build a whole new platform which if they do will be too expensive.

See when you look at the fact AT&T’s exclusivity for the iPhone running out June 10/2010; are you an AT&T customer that has returned the iPhone due to bad network and bad customer service?

Over on SFGate (Link Below) this was said:

One reader, a self-proclaimed Apple fanatic, refuses to leave Verizon because “AT&T has the worst service next to Sprint.” Another reader told me he jailbroke his iPhone to work on T-Mobile’s network. T-Mobile, he says, has “a Tier 3 technical department, which happens to help users that have an iPhone.”

Verizon’s new television ad displays two maps of the U.S which shows 3G coverage of AT&T’s 3G network and Verizon’s network, the ad’s slogan says: “Want five times more 3G coverage? There’s a map for that.” Now that is pretty funny and to the point.

For more in-depth information on the above please visit SFGate