GPS Motorcycle Accessories: iBike Rider for the iPhone

We now have iPhone GPS navigation for the car so what about motorbike riders? Well Wikimobi Inc have now announced the first “MOTO KIT” for the iPhone, which is an iPhone GPS accessory kit for motorbikes enabling the likes of motorcycle couriers to go about their business with the aid of iPhone GSP.

The iBike Rider for the iPhone is 100 percent waterproof and can be securely positioned to the motorbike handlebars or if preferred to the riders forearm, is extremely strong and shock absorbent, and can be used in the vertical or horizontal position.

GPS Motorcycle Accessories: iBike Rider for the iPhone

The iBike Rider for iPhone can also be complimented with the headset, and microphone enabling hands-free operation whilst communicating and enabling voice activated GPS warning radar. The iBike Rider for iPhone commands a price tag of €39/$57/£36 a further €39 for the battery and for the hands-free kit €29.

Is this product good or bad, the reason we ask this because surely you would have to take your motorbike gloves off to touch the iPhone’s touchscreen, or do you think it is best to stop then make or recieve calls?

You can purchase the iBike Rider for iPhone via sowasygps.


4 thoughts on “GPS Motorcycle Accessories: iBike Rider for the iPhone”

  1. chapp_be says:

    When I'm driving the motorbike, I'm not interested to put my life in danger by receive telephone calls. I have never seen this item, but it seems a good solution. But, they forgot to inluce the electricity cable to hook the phone up to the battery. When using the phone as a GPS, the IPhone battery last only for 2 hours. Not good enough.

  2. Mwr_allen says:

    I use Tom Tom on iPhone and simply tape my iPhone case to the centre of my handlebars and clip in the phone and hey presto, only thing needed after was a jailbreak tweak called rotation inhibitor to stop the screen spinning round when leaning into corners.

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